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Performer-Transformer Leaders

(NEW) Transforming a business means leading through uncertainty, it requires adaptability, courage and resilience – and ability to deliver!

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Exploit & Explore – for CFOs and Finance

(NEW) High-paced, high impact, skill-based program to support and em-power Finance to contribute to, and co-lead, innovation processes.

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Making Transformation Happen

(NEW) High impact, skill-based program to support business leaders successfully implement strategy and ensure transformational change.

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Global Business Leadership Program

Your AMP flagship program! How to lead businesses into the future – for leaders ready to step up, to create a better future.

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Leading Sustainable Transformation

Sustainability is now core business, not just compliance, but what drives future profitability and positive impact. Transform now!

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Leading the Digital Business

Today, every company needs to be a digital business – not just in terms of being able to do business online. Embrace new tech!

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A Roadmap for Business Transformation

In rapidly changing markets, organisations need to be adept at driving transformational change, inside and outside.

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Strategic Innovation

How to create a better future … innovating every aspect of the business, and harnessing approaches from design thinking to lead start-ups, new business models to portfolio management.

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Fast-Track Learning

You want to conquer new markets and segments – start at the top, by offering a portfolio of short and stimulating “fast-track“ programs, tailor-made for C-Suite and Senior Management.

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Growth on Purpose

Growth in most organisations is conventional and incremental. Instead, a more inspiring purpose and stretching ambition, creates a more enlightended framework for better, faster, profitable growth.

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Peer / Network Groups

Peer or Network Groups allow for a unique combination of new inspirational knowledge, practice, peer exchange and networking. For C-level executives and senior management –  with external partners.

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All of our programs are global in perspective, cutting edge in content, and innovative in format, turning the very latest insights and ideas, best concepts and frameworks, into practical approaches for high impact in your business. All programs can be tailored to specific audiences, and delivered in various formats with innovative features such as venture projects, simulation games and much more.

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