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Peter Fisk
Peter FiskBusiness Leadership
Howard Yu
Howard Yu Strategic Innovation
Mark Esposito
Mark Esposito Technology Futurist
Deepa Prahalad
Deepa Prahalad Sustainable Innovation
Alex Osterwalder
Alex Osterwalder Business Innovation
Michael Porter
Michael Porter Corporate Strategy
Erin Meyer
Erin Meyer Organisational Culture
Jim Snabe
Jim Snabe Business Leadership
Tendayi Viki
Tendayi Viki Entpreneurial Innovation
Veronica Royer
Veronica Royer Digital Anthropology
Terence Tse
Terence Tse Intelligent Technologies
Claire French
Claire French Authentic Leadership
Rita McGrath
Rita McGrath Competitive Strategy
Martin Lindstrom
Martin Lindstrom Brand Marketing
Roger Martin
Roger Martin Design and Strategy
Whitney Johnson
Whitney Johnson Personal Transformation
Antonio Nieto
Antonio Nieto Projects and Programs
Ramon Vullings
Ramon Vullings Ideas and Creativity
Steven MacGregor
Steven MacGregor Human Performance
Chris Rangen
Chris Rangen Business Transformation
Navi Radjou
Navi Radjou Social Innovation
Anil Gupta
Anil Gupta Asian Strategy
Haiyan Wang
Haiyan Wang Asian Strategy
Marshall Goldsmith
Marshall Goldsmith Leadership Coaching

Not even the world of new knowledge is constant. Identifying the new best ideas, the new thinking, the new emerging experts – those who can make an impact on business leaders – that is where we invest our time… Also, we recognize that different audiences require different learning experience – our network is composed accordingly, with academia as well as practitioners.

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