Next Agenda / Fall 2022

What’s new in executive education?

We’re living through a time of anxiety and awe … economic uncertainty, relentless volatility, climate crisis, regional conflicts, social inequality, resource scarcity, rampant inflation, consumer distrust, lingering pandemic, new generations, B Corporations, digital centricity, virtual worlds … Yep, it’s a crazy time, but also a time for new thinking.

One certainty, is that those who sit around waiting for a return to how things used to be are deluded. The world has moved on for consumers, leaders, investors, everyone: new agendas, new practices, new expectations, new talent, and new priorities.

Now is the time to unlearn and relearn, to open minds and take new perspectives, to explore the opportunities presented by the biggest disruption of our business lives.

What are the world’s best companies doing now? In fact, who are they? How are their leaders adapting and innovating? What are the new strategies and techniques for success? Forget the old models that made GE or P&G great in the past, think instead about how Epic or Gymshark, Nio or Shein are thriving in fast, connected markets.

Of course, we shouldn’t throw out everything – there are many sound, enduring principles to build on. But it’s certainly a new environment, requiring new ideas and new ways to win.

Now is the time for educators to step up. To help businesses to see the opportunities of change, to provide a beacon of hope in a turbulent world – and to bring fresh, topical, practical insights and mindsets, tools and techniques, that will thrive in tomorrow’s world.

In this edition of NEXT AGENDA, we connect the best ideas, thinkers and practitioners across the world, to find the big themes, right now – and propose programs to meet your clients’ demands!

Examples of performer-transformer leaders!