Next Agenda / Fall 2023

What’s new in executive education?

ChatGPT – one year on – and AI is everywhere. In fact, it already seems to have become such an integrated part of a new normality, that it is not even worth mentioning… Almost like climate change, we know – and we realize that 2023 will probably break another temperature record. It says a lot about the time we live in…

In this edition of Next Agenda, we revisit the discussion of working systematically with megatrends. Why? Because one of the things that has puzzled business leaders the most during the last 12 months is: “Where did ChatGPT come from? Why didn’t I see that coming?” An area, where business educators can help.

And to get this thinking going, we dive into the latest trend reports for 2024. What do these imply for businesses – and business education?

Also, as Thinkers50 Awards Gala 2023 Partner, we were thrilled to join this year’s event (November 5-6) together with a small group from our business school community. Out of a total of 72 nominees, in 9 categories, we share our highlights.

And finally… After some tough years during the Covid-19 pandemic, many business schools expected – and indeed experienced – the business of executive education to bounce back strongly. But looking towards next year – is the party already over?