Next Agenda / Fall 2021

What’s new in executive education?

Out of global crisis, a new world of opportunity is rapidly emerging. 10 years of digital, consumer behaviour change in 18 months, a radical shake up of every market, new disruptive start-ups and new business models, a rapid acceleration of scientific breakthroughs, the challenges of climate and. inequality, and supply chains restructured. The future is not like it used to be.

Executive education has seen dramatic change too. The shift to remote learning formats is just part of the story. What matters more are the new learning pathways that have emerged. Learning for life, learning in bites. “Liquid learning” models, that fuse the best of physical and online experiences, offer a new foundation for learning experiences, business models, and new topical agendas.

NEXT AGENDA is a fast and inspiring overview of what’s new, hot and next in the world of learning and development for business people. How can you meet changing business needs, enable the application of new practices, and stand out in an increasingly crowded market? We bring together the best ideas from thought leaders, books and reports, companies and individuals.

Here is an overview of the big topics that are driving the new business education agenda: